John Wiley Spiers

World Trade Small Business Start-up & Expansion

Compete on Design

Here you will join people from around the world starting up their own businesses, most with no resources or particular skills.  None of us has the entire picture, so we all help each other.  Our goal is prosperity, peace and economic justice, starting with ourselves.  As they say on the airlines, “put on your own oxygen make first, then assist those around you.”  Those practical problems of start-up are addressed by others all along the process.

Do you know the most revolutionary act you can ever take is to start up your own business?  Working for someone else,  you have everything except freedom for self-actualization. If you are looking for personal transformation, there is no better exercise field than small business world trade. Think lifestyle, not credit score.

We practice trade free of force or fraud or both to accomplish wealth judged by what range of goods and services is available to what range of people: mutual assistance, mutual benefit, economic improvement, at the personal level, through voluntary association in business.  Join us now! 


As always, my wife and I want to express our gratitude towards you & the help you have given us.  You definitely gave us the helpful "push" & guidance needed for two people who are very new to this type of business.

Lance Grubb - Columbus, Ohio

Everything that I initially thought about starting this import business has been completely changed, it's good that all this was done before I invested money.  I am back at the design phase to see if there is a product I can design that the market will accept.  I initially thought about fashion because I thought that it was profitable, however I really don't know anything about the fashion industry and don't have the passion for it.  I am a CPA and this is what my area of expertise is, I will go back to square one and think about designing something for an industry I know a lot about and have a passion for.

Roman Pietryka - Chicago, Illinois

(John Spiers) is in the same business (as I am). Really communicates actual experience. He's excited about what he's doing.

  1. M.Glad, Seattle, WA