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On Oct 17, 2014, at 10:20 AM, riki.j.klein wrote:

Great thank you John! Loving your course, what's so interesting is as the learning happens my motivation and sheer excitement grows simultaneously! Thank you again!



Maceio, Brazil

As always, my wife and I want to express our gratitude towards you & the help you have given us.  You definitely gave us the helpful "push" & guidance needed for two people who are very new to this type of business.

Lance Grubb - Columbus, Ohio

Everything that I initially thought about starting this import business has been completely changed, it's good that all this was done before I invested money.  I am back at the design phase to see if there is a product I can design that the market will accept.  I initially thought about fashion because I thought that it was profitable, however I really don't know anything about the fashion industry and don't have the passion for it.  I am a CPA and this is what my area of expertise is, I will go back to square one and think about designing something for an industry I know a lot about and have a passion for.

Roman Pietryka - Chicago, Illinois

(John Spiers) is in the same business (as I am). Really communicates actual experience. He's excited about what he's doing.

  1. M.Glad, Seattle, WA